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Settlement Planning

Settlement Planning Guidance in Macomb, Wayne and Oakland Counties
When a person with special needs who receives public benefits also secures a settlement in a personal injury case, the awarded funds must be carefully managed. If you are not careful, a personal injury settlement can make someone ineligible for benefits, cutting them off from the crucial financial resources they need to live a comfortable life. This outcome can be avoided through proactive settlement planning.
What Is Settlement Planning And Why Is It Important?
Settlement planning is a rapidly growing and highly complex area of the law. Our Michigan settlement planning lawyer, Michele Fuller, is one of the few attorneys in the country with extensive experience and training in Special Needs Settlement Planning (SNSP). We can help preserve the government program eligibility of your special needs child in situations where they are receiving assistance from other sources, such as a personal injury settlement.

Our team at the Michigan Law Center is well-versed in all forms of special needs planning and frequently receives referrals from personal injury lawyers. We understand how to navigate these challenging scenarios and will implement a solution that protects your loved one’s financial future.
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