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In recent years, issues regarding senior citizens have emerged as a leading legal area. Elder law provides seniors and their families with important legal resources needed to protect their older loved one’s legal interests. With improved life expectancy, modern families face more challenges than previous generations. Have you considered a long-term care strategy as part of your estate plan? Now more than at any other time in our history, senior citizens are living longer and facing more complex challenges. Contact our attorneys directly to schedule a consultation. Seniors creating estate plans must now consider long-term care issues and advanced treatment plans while creating their will or trust.

Several important issues must be considered as loved ones become older. At Michigan Law Center, we help seniors prepare important legal documents, such as:

Advanced planning is critical, and our Michigan elder law attorneys can ensure you are on track to meet your goals. Many government programs require advanced selection and waiting periods, so it’s important to work with an attorney who understands how to navigate this complicated process.

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The Importance of Conservatorships and Guardianships in Long-Term Care Planning

Advancing in age is a beautiful thing. It can bring so many joys to a family, but it can also bring challenges. The attorneys at the Michigan Law Center understand what it means to fear the loss of autonomy that sometimes accompanies advanced aging. Senior adults will likely need more advanced medical treatments as they age, and there may be a time when you or your loved one cannot make those arrangements for themselves. If your senior aged loved one begins to show signs they can no longer manage their personal affairs, our attorneys can help you and your family take the legal steps needed to intercede on their behalf.

Elder Guardianship Law

If the issues surrounding the health of your senior dictate, the time may come when a guardianship is required to help your family best serve your aging loved one. In elder law, a guardianship removes determination rights from one adult over healthcare choices and gives them to another adult. Guardianships are typically used in many elder law cases if an elderly parent is no longer acting responsibly regarding their healthcare choices. The legal test is not whether the adult in question is making poor choices regarding their health; it’s whether they understand the consequences of their inaction or questionable decisions.

Conservatorship of a Senior Adult

In elder law, when a senior adult can no longer make reasonable choices regarding their financial stability or other important decisions for themselves, a conservatorship may be necessary. A conservatorship is used to protect an adult person who has lost the capacity for rational thought from making decisions that could open them up to exploitation or ruin. A conservatorship gives the conservator complete control over the interests of their ward. If you have a senior adult in your life struggling with competency issues, it can be difficult to know what to do next. Our attorneys can help you determine if a conservatorship would be the right choice for your family member. Call our Michigan elder law attorneys today at (586) 803-8500. Once a conservatorship has been established, you will be in a better position to help your aging loved one by conducting their affairs.  

Elder Law at Michigan Law Center

At the Michigan Law Center, our elder law attorneys can help families meet their care goals for an aging loved one. It can be challenging to balance protecting your aging senior's best interest and quality of life without interceding on their behalf to assume legal rights regarding their healthcare or financial choices. We help families navigate these complicated issues with compassion and understanding.

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