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A will is a vital estate planning document, yet for many people, it’s not something they want to think about as they grow older. A will can be as simple or as complex as needed as long as it carries out the wishes of its creator. 

At the Michigan Law Center, our attorneys can help you plan your will and meet other legal goals, such as:

  • Settle Business Succession 
  • Charitable Donations
  • Provide Tax Protections
  • Establish a Powers of Attorney

At the same time, a will can seem like such a simple document. Ensuring your will is legal and enforceable often requires an attorney. If you need to plan a will to protect your assets, the attorney at Michigan Law Center can help. Contact us right now to speak to one of our Michigan wills attorneys. We can ensure you have the legal solutions needed to meet your estate planning goals

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What Is a Last Will and Testament?

Your last will and testament is an important document needed to establish your intentions for your assets once you’ve passed away. Writing a will is often the first step when establishing an estate plan, as it sets the goals for your future plans and the inheritance of your beneficiaries. Most people avoid making these preparations for the future because they believe they are too young to need these legal tools in place, but it’s never too early to establish how you want your assets to be handled once you’ve passed away. It’s a mistake to assume everything will fall into place and that your spoken wishes will be executed. At the Michigan Law Center, we can create a will that ensures there are no questions about your expressed wishes. 

She will be very helpful and proactive when I do have issues within her area of practice.

The Importance of Creating a Will

Sitting down to prepare a will with your attorney may seem like a daunting process, but with a little preparation, it can be relatively quick and painless. Our Michigan wills attorneys can create a will that ensures your assets pass to the beneficiaries of your choice. Establishing a will can also prevent your estate from being executed by the probate court. Michigan intestacy laws will dictate who inherits your assets if you pass away with a will in place. If you need help writing a will, our attorneys can schedule a consultation with you immediately. You can request a consultation right now, and our attorneys will contact you as soon as possible. Failing to leave a will behind could leave your assets distributed differently than you intended. 

Drafting Your Will in Michigan

The wills attorneys at the Michigan Law Center can create a legal document to ensure your future wishes are expressed and executed. Your will is the foundation of your estate plan, and our attorneys understand it needs to be strong and unimpeachable. Knowing how to protect your assets once you are gone can be challenging if you don’t know where to turn, but our attorneys are here to help. You can call us right now at (586) 803-8500 to schedule a consultation. 

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